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July 27, 2022

CBANC’s Document Library Features New Enhancements

Did you know CBANC’s document library has over 10,000+ supportive documents available to help bankers like you discover and download resources to help your team excel? Well, we do!

Along with our newly renovated website, CBANC’s robust document library now features new enhancements to ensure members save time exploring, discovering and uploading supportive banking documents to our community of over 65,000 verified banking professionals.

We’re always focused on our members' needs first and take steps to ensure each update enhances our members’ overall experience through our platform. As part of our enhancements, we’ve upgraded certain features to help our community members find what they need quickly.

Additionally, our new document library enhancements include:

  • New, uploaded documents introduced in community communication threads are now auto-indexed into the document library
  • New document preview capabilities prior to downloading
  • Documents now appear as links inside a community discussion that connects to existing documents inside the library
  • View file size prior to downloading document
  • Ability to download documents and contact the author to start a discussion or ask a question about the document
  • Redesigned document library with a more modern design
  • 10,000+ documents available

Members will continue to operate in the document library by downloading, viewing and sharing documents safely without leaving the platform to find documents offsite. Every document is housed inside CBANC to ensure the safest possible environment for file sharing and downloads.

Take a tour and search the Document Library to discover untapped resources to help your team excel forward.

CBANC is the largest network of verified banking professionals and the vendors who serve them. Join the community. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about CBANC.

CBANC is the largest network of verified banking professionals and the vendors who serve them. Join the community

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